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Dikpicks and nudes: how to talk with a teenager about intimate correspondence on the Internet

One of the common sexual games that young people (including teenagers) are passionate about is the exchange of intimate pictures on instant messengers or social networks. To avoid embarrassment and warn about the consequences of this form of “communication” with a child, the book “Only for Boys” by doctors Ellen Steken Dahl and Nina Brockmann, published by Bombora, will help to talk with a child on this topic. With the permission of the publisher, we publish an excerpt from it dedicated to the exchange of intimate photos. In it, the authors treat the reader as “you” and do not engage in moralizing, so if you find the content acceptable, you can share the text with the child. The book was published by the publisher with marking 18+.

“Dicks and Nudes”
Have you ever been asked to submit nude photos? Perhaps you felt proud, but at the same time the thought came that it was disgusting. Nearly half of teens aged 13 to 16 say they have been asked to submit nude photos. Fans of flirting, relationship partners and strangers from the Internet can ask for such photos.

Nudes are photographs of butts, breasts, and genitals with little or no clothing. When boys send photos of their penis to someone, it’s usually called a dik pik.

Although only a few end up deciding to send someone semi-nude or nude photos of themselves, it still happens. Approximately one in ten teenagers aged 15 sent a nude photo of themselves. Some send them because they are proud of their bodies and want to impress, others because they feel insecure and want compliments to feel better. Some teens are forced to send photos when they really don’t want to. Someone receives money or gifts in exchange for a photo.

Photo in the wrong hands
When sending nude photos of yourself to someone you love and trust, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that he will forward them to someone else. But it can happen. Sometimes this happens without malicious intent – for example, because the recipient wanted to brag to his friends. However, this is often done out of revenge after an unwanted separation. This is a violation of rights. In other cases, the photos can spread if someone else takes the recipient’s mobile phone or network storage with a photo, or the computer is hacked.

Some are faced with the fact that photos are uncontrollably distributed on social networks and many acquaintances see them. In other cases, things go even further, and photos pop up on big international forums or porn sites. It’s a disgusting experience. Many are ashamed and afraid that they will never get rid of the photos. In such a situation, it can easily seem that life is destroyed.

It is important to remember that the people who share and distribute the photos are doing illegal things, not the person in the photo. Sending a photo to your boyfriend or girlfriend does not mean agreeing to be admired by the whole school.

Being naked, having sex, or just wanting admiration is not something to be ashamed of.

Rules for dikpicks and nudes
Do you want to send your nude photo? Sending a photo of your penis to a person who does not want it is exhibitionism, that is, showing yourself naked to someone against their will. It is illegal and punishable to send nude photos to recipients under 16, whether they want to or not. So always ask first and never send nude photos to anyone under 16.

Someone sent you a nude photo? It is actually illegal to have nude photos of people under 18 on your mobile phone and computer. This is considered the possession of child porn, despite the fact that the photos were taken and sent voluntarily. It is best to delete the photo as soon as possible.

Would you like to share a nude photo that another person sent you with someone else? It’s illegal, even in private forums and private messages. You can be punished, despite the fact that you are not the first to start sending photos further.

Do you want to take nude photos of other people? Remember that filming or photographing someone naked or having sex without their knowledge or consent is a serious violation of the law.

Have you or your friend experienced the fact that the photos fell into the wrong hands? In such a situation, it can become scary and sad, but there is a way out. It is important to report the incident to an adult as soon as possible. If you don’t dare to talk to your parents, others can help. Often adults understand many things much better than you think. They will support you and help you report this case to the police. The police can stop distribution of the photos and provide evidence for the trial. They take the illegal distribution of photos very seriously.

You have no right to forward a naked photo of a person further without their permission. And if he asks you to delete it, you must do it right away.

Internet and common sense
Do not believe what strangers write to you. It is easy to cheat online and impersonate someone other than who you are.
Use private social media accounts. Then you can control who becomes your subscriber.
Don’t give out a phone number, address, or personal information to someone you didn’t know before.
Don’t post nude photos or videos on social media. What is on the internet stays on the internet forever.
Don’t chat on webcam with someone you didn’t know before.
Be vigilant if someone asks you to keep your communication private.
Never go to meetings with people you don’t know. Do you want to meet a new acquaintance from the Internet? Take an adult with you.
If something unpleasant happens, be sure to talk to one of the adults.
If you are faced with blackmail or harassment on the Internet, the police will help you.

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